News and Events

News and Events

Eastleighwood Sponsors The Marking Of World Press Fredom Day By Somali Journalists In Nairobi

Eastleighwood with the help of the chairman of the somali exiled journalists associatioin (SEJASS), has organised and sponsored the marking of the world press freedom day in Eastleigh in Nairobi. The event was help on May 3rd, 2012 at the executive hall of Madina mall.

The colourfull event was attended by various dignitaries such as, the defence minister of TFG of somalia, the chairman of Shacab political party, members of Eastleigh Business district community, and the Somali ambassador to kenya, mr Ali Ameriko, who due to the heavy downpour couldnt attend but addressed the meeting on the telephone line.

Present in the event were journalists who were members of SEJASS, Eastleighwood members and other youth leaders and stakeholders around EAStleigh. Also the Somali media was present and the event had wide coverage from Horncable TV, Royal TV, Somali channel, Barkulan, Hiiraan Online, Irin nad many more.READ MORE…

Eastleighwoood opens an office in kimilometer 4 mogadishu

With contribution from friends and donations from the two principal leaders of eastleighwood, this year has seen the opening of an office in mogadishu kilimeter 4.

The expansion of eastliethwood into the soils of Somalia was spearheaded by the chairman Mr.Burhan Iman, who for three months made it his duty to remain in mogadishu organizing sections of the youth to embrace peace and the ethos of good Governance, as well as encouraging them to do a soul -searching and abandon violence in its totality.

Burhan Iman has urged the youth to discover their talents and use them for purposes of helping themselvies and helping rebuild their nation. As a result of these eastleighwood youth forum has gained strong following from those youth, some of whome volunteered to work in the eastleighwood office in mogadishu and be part toits projects.READ MORE…


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