Going Forward, Eastleighwood will Formulate Concrete Plans, Joint-Programs and Strategies with all Stakeholders, including Governments and the International Communities as well as Development/Donor Agencies/Partners , all aimed at Addressing Pertinent Issues affecting the Day today Affairs of Our Communities and Our Nations.

The Very Key Issues of Concern for Eastleighwood as Discussed earlier, Further includes among others Peace & Conflict Resolutions, Fighting Negative Ethnicity/Discrimination, Counter-Terrorism, Poverty, Extreme Fundamentalism/Terrorism, Ignorance, Negative Ethnicity and Discrimination.Provision of Basic Social Amenities, and Social Justices, Wile Priority Activities towards these Initiatives being an Advocacy for Public Sector Reforms, Equitable Resource & Budgetary allocations, Tackling the War on Graft, Upholding Constitutional Values & Rights of Kenyans, Safeguarding the Rights & Privileges of Persons with disabilities, Refugees, IDPs, Children, Elderly, Rights of Minority & Marginalized Groups. Accountability and Transparency in the Appointments and the Operations of Public Affairs of Kenya, among Others.


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