Eastleighwood Objectives

Eastleighwood’s Objectives

Eastleighwood Developed New Strategic Plans, Policies and Formulations, and Identified the Following as its Strategic Objectives:-

  1. To Develop and Apply Systems that Ensures Proper Targeting, Financing and Implementation of Community Development Projects, Public Services and National Resources to all regardless of their Background and Political Affiliations.
  2. To Facilitate Capacity-Building, Stakeholder Partnerships and Community/Nationally-Driven Values to Transform the Socio-Economic and Political Prosperity and Development of Our Communities and Our Nations.
  3. To Establish and Nature Partnerships with all Stakeholders including the Governments, CBOs, Faith-Based Institutions, Other NGOs, International Support Missions and Donor Agencies among Others.
  4. To Continuously Strengthened the Eastleighwood’s Institutional Capacity and Enhance its Policy Values, in order to Ensure Effective and Efficiency of its Core Functional Roles.
  5. To Mobilize Adequate Resources Nationally & Internationally in order to enhance Provision of Basic Social Amenities, Rights & Privileges to all Our Communities and Our People.
  6. To Create, Formulate and Implement a Holistic, Broad and Long-Term Economic, Social and Political Policy-Strategies aimed at Transforming Nations into a Newly Industrialized Nations that is Globally Competitive and Prosperous, with High Quality of Life to all its Citizens in Clean and Secure Environment.


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