Somewhere in the equatorial regions of Africa, a young man from the eastern part comes with a vision of transformation for the masses. He tries to mobilize resources ,and work hand in hand selflessly with dedication, to solve some issues affecting a big population called, ‘The youth’ . Leaving no stone unturned he does his research ,and meets with parties who share his vision. Using an approach of opening an N.G.O he starts engaging , sharing, tapping hidden skills ,giving platforms and help in nurturing to upgrade .


He partners with some other NGOs, to try to make a more effective impact in his goals and ambitions . Not with sufficient resources some new ideas evolve and are implemented to widen the curve. Using art as a tool of rehabilitation, peer counseling, community outreach as well as, in reach to the members ,the network is grown . from a small entrepreneur to a visionary He faces a city of people who don’t appreciate liberty of expression ,people who are very conservative with a mentality of forcing people into emulating them.


Wait does this sound familiar ,you be the judge. In a country where there is freedom of existence and expression , some dark forces with the backward and negative thinking ,still feel they have the right to force anything on anyone .Gone are the days where one would force another into an act of any negative kind . We leave in a world of progress but people with ignorance and programmed idol minds still shun the vision of our brother Mr Burhan Iman . Overcoming many challenges ,from community acceptance to sometimes lack of funding including the security threats he has faced in the past ,the vision is still intact. (Working Title: The dark forces)

written by Faraj A zang.