Nation Media Group in partnership with the Eastleighwood Youth Forum and Eastleigh Business Community is planning an exhibition Week on 27th & 28th November, 2020 at the Eastleigh First Avenue under the theme: An Online Expo.

Eastleigh Youth Forum will be celebrating 10 year milestone, unique journey and vision, inviting the business community and partner organisations to participate in the exhibition week as well as a workshop.

In line with this activities; Nation Media Group Plc is offering all its platforms available to different stakeholders to showcase their enterprises through creative advertising content to the attention of readers.

Under the banner, Focus on Eastleigh, the journal will profile the history of this suburb and detail the journey it has taken to achieve its unique 24-hour economy and emerge as the popular go-to place for many shoppers from across the country, especially those looking for attractive bargains.

The supplement is planned for publication on Saturday 28th November, 2020