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Currently, the organization has initiated a weekly Television Talk Show conducted in Eastleighwood T.V studio every Saturday. Through this show, we aim to strengthen a model where youths are progressively mentored and given a platform to share out their experiences. Different talk show topics are chosen and role models identified to lead the discussions as the Show is showcased live from Eastleighwood. Among the most interesting talk show topics ever is “Denying the negativity to continue advocating for peace and coming as the voices of changes” .The show prunes the different social cultural differences among the Somali Kenya and other communities living in Eastleigh. It shapes young people to come out to be the peace makers and mentors to the people in our society. Please join us from 2pm at Eastleighwood Hall in Eastleigh, 9th street, Sunrise Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor. Don’t miss out.