A host of companies from Eastleigh and other parts of Nairobi and across the country will be present to display and demonstrate their products. This kind of annual event will provide a tremendous environment for making connections, establishing a relationship and forming partnerships with like-minded businessmen/women in a specific niche. The variety of networking in this expo allows the attendees to share useful business tips and information about their business/products in a given space.

Eastleighwood has organized a similar event in the past with support from YADEN, Embassy of Netherlands and Eastleigh business private sector business. During these EXPOs, a part from displaying companies’ logo on all event promotional materials, companies were given maximum exposure to show case their products throughout the event in the space slot provided and this one will be done similarly in considerations with partners’ recommendations.

During this event a documentary about the Eastleigh Business development, rising and growing youth talents, interviewing selected community leaders and entrepreneurs for a success stories or as role model incorporated in the documentary will be conducted to disseminate the positive success of Kamukunji Sub-County in order to clears the bad thoughts of some elements viewing Eastleigh as home of insecurity or terror that once branded Eastleigh as home of terrorism. In consultations with your team, your representative will be given a chance in the event speakers’ slots, logo display in the promotional materials and around 10 minutes’ interview conservation with your delegate