Executive Summary

Eastleigh Exhibition week is a program designed to provide a platform that welcomes businesses from cross- section industries to offer a wealth of opportunity, advice,   and information crucial for ongoing business growth within a challenging economy. The event also promotes peaceful – coexistence, hermononious relationship and creation of opportunity environment for youths and women which is created through learning, interaction and sharing of information by the people who never knew each other.

In the recent years EYF has hold a cultural and exhibition week and has incorporated CVE activities in these annual events. This year the exhibition week was themed “An Online Expo! “Which was conducted online. A host of companies from Eastleigh and other parts of Nairobi and across the country displayed their products online. Therefore, a safe environment for establishing relationships/partnerships with like-minded businessmen/women in a specific niche.


Objectives and outcomes.

To bring together Entrepreneurs, youths, women of diverse backgrounds, religion race through intercultural dialogues to enhance community’s coexistence.

Beneficiaries Activities implemented and the Program

EYF has a good working relationship with all the beneficiaries involved in the program. The organization has been carrying out so many activities which has receives tones of positive feedbacks from the youth , in particular training and workshops for the youth , talent exhibition. EYF has involved youth groups in all this organized activities in the past and through this activities developed good relationship and cooperation with so many  youth groups in Eastleigh  both formal and informal groups.

Exhibition program line – up first 

This year it was a virtual experience that is, an online based exhibition due to COVID 19 pandemic. However the organization set a tent in Eastleigh1st Avenue, Kamkunji Sub-county for the participants willing to know more about the exhibition, on the 27th, 28th  November 2020 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

The exhibition week started on the 23rd of Monday at 9.00 a.m. with a Zoom Conference starting with opening prayers. After prayers religious leaders, government officials, donors, entrepreneurs and company selected directors among other voices were able to give an overview of what they do, thereafter they gave motivational talks to the audience and messages to promote peace, peaceful coexistence and social cohesion among communities.

In the afternoon creative artist, poets, actors and musicians were invited where they were able to display their talents to the audience virtually.

Exhibition program line – up Second day

The second day started at 11.00 Am with opening prayers followed by stakeholder engagement forum. Director Imam Burhan proceeded by hosting  and promoting   peace messages  and inviting entrepreneurs to talk about business success ,challenges and a tea break thereafter.

Online display of products by Companies from Eastleigh and other parts of Nairobi and across the country was also part of the event. The day ended at 4.00 P.M with a closing ceremony and prayers.

Exhibition program line – up Third day

The third day being our final day we started   at 10 .00 a.m.  With opening prayers, followed by a wonderful performance from a group of young artist who performed traditional Somali music dance.   We also held a virtual comedy session where comedians performed in front of the audience giving humorous stories and jokes.  .

Upon completion, businesses and companies were awarded certificates followed by a closing prayer.


Lack of funds to implement this activities. However we had to be creative to make sure that the activities were carried out as planned to ensure the success of the program. Stakeholder mobilization, trainings, were successfully done in good time.

We anticipate to continue with the program in spite of the funding issues needed to carry out these activities.



Through this platform the organization has earned success in the transformation of the young people from literacy level to having basic life skills and sustainable efforts to earn income and sense of purpose. Many youths who were at risks have received supportive vocational training skills, basic language ad training skills, and a series of mentorship

Eastleigh Youth Forum has been holding two days training before exhibitions. This has played an important role in guiding the youth to tilt their minds towards asset creation and to make them deviate from total dependency.

Additionally the program has   promoted   youth empowerment in terms of improving employability and entrepreneurship skills, where they are trained in what they are good at, for example if one is a musician Eastleigh youth forum creates concerts for them, if they are actors EYF also creates film boot camp etc.  Writing articles is also part of training that provides an opportunity for grass root journalist to become international journalist.

The training program is unconditional and beneficiaries / youth are free to attend and use the knowledge to better their lives. Since the youth were identified as vulnerable to radicalization, the assumption is that Majority of them don’t have skills to create employment opportunities for themselves nor having the connections they need to get employment opportunities.

However EYF Director Iman Burhan carry out a Beneficiary / youth contact monitor and he has established that at least 60% of the trainees have benefited from the program.

EYF uses its connections to  invite  qualified mentors to mentor the participants (youth) which allows them meet the  right people who can  help them do well  since  most talented people in our society lack such connections.

There is an outcry in this community regarding youth unemployment and skills to help them improve their lives and EYF has introduced this concept to reduce poverty by giving them knowledge, and also tilt the youth attitude of total dependency and violence to support themselves.

There is need for this trainings and forums from time to time so that they can learn from this mentors.